HIPAA compliant secure scanning app that saves your team time and secures your documents.

Scan paperwork and fill out e-forms with digital signatures while in the field from one easy & secure mobile app. Share documents with the back office and get them into your records system in seconds.

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Trusted by industry-leading organizations 

Scan paperwork & capture data from the field in seconds. Save 2+ hours each day.

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Save Time, Reduce Paper, Remain Compliant

EncryptScan is the fastest way to get paperwork securely from the field to the back office in real time. Securely scan paperwork and complete e-forms with digital signatures to go paperless, all with industry-standard encryption & HIPAA compliance.

  • Secure Scanning & E-Forms

    • Scan paper documents, insurance cards, and more
    • Automatic edge detection
    • Editing features including filtering, rotating, and cropping
    • Customizable E-Forms with Digital Signatures
  • Security

    • HIPAA-compliant
    • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
    • Biometric access control via facial/fingerprint recognition or PIN
    • No information locally stored on devices
    • Audit trails & Role-Based Permission System
  • Device Support

    • iOS & Android
    • Secure cloud web portal
    • Compatible with any EMR/EHR or record management system
    • Use on personal devices or company issued devices via an MDM
    • Offline mode
  • EncryptScan mobile app
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  • Security

    EncryptScan uses biometric authentication and local encryption to secure your documents. Scanned documents are never accessible from the camera role or outside of EncryptScan.

  • Advanced Document Scanning

    Automatically scan document pages in a matter of seconds thanks to automatic edge detection.

  • Document Editing

    Easily rotate, crop, and apply pre-set filters to your documents to improve clarity. 

  • Cloud Web Storage

    Documents uploaded from the EncryptScan mobile app go to our secure web portal. Contact us for info on custom integrations with other platforms/systems.

  • Ready to go fully paperless? Learn more about our mobile e-forms with digital signatures.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What makes EncryptScan HIPAA Compliant? Why do apps like CamScanner put you at risk for a data breach? Find out below.

    Don't go one more day at risk of a breach

    Schedule a commitment-free discovery call with us below. We'll learn more about your workflow and how EncryptScan can keep you compliant and improve field staff efficiency.


    Is my document scanning app HIPAA compliant?

    Already using another document scanning app? Here are three key things to look for to ensure your business' safety and compliance.
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    Why CamScanner could cost you thousands.

    As recent as January 2021, an executive order was signed forbidding transactions with the Chinese app CamScanner, citing security and privacy concerns.
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    See the impact EncryptScan can have on your workflow

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