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"We are a non-profit hospice that was looking for a way to scan items from the homes of our patients without having that scan saved on the actual device, thus keeping us HIPAA complaint. EncryptScan was exactly what we needed. It's so easy to use, just download the app and you are ready to go. EncryptScan even did the education for our staff which only took about 20 minutes and was done virtually. The scans are not saved on our employee devices but instead go to a back office where they can be uploaded into our EMR thus keeping us compliant with CMS regulations. The price is perfect for a non-profit like us and we got a BAA, no other scan software would offer us that! We are very happy with EncryptScan!"

Kim K, Hospice of North Central Ohio

"Our organization was looking for a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant, solution to scan PHI for our clinicians, who are under time constraints while onsite. Getting our clinicians set up and using EncryptScan was the easiest part of the process. The documentation provided, in case of any questions has allowed me to resolve any additional questions that end users have had, and I have not had any complaints or issues with our clinicians using EncryptScan onsite. I recommend this product not only from the price point perspective but also ease of use and support."

Jim S, Advanced Behavioral Health

Success Stories

Omar flores xkoegrjfrbu unsplash Omar flores xkoegrjfrbu unsplash

How American Para Professional Systems saves 270k hours a year with EncryptScan

American Para Professional Systems, or "APPS" for short, is the largest provider of paramedical exam services in the US with over 100 locations nationwide. APPS was struggling to get exam documentation captured in the field securely in real-time and sent to the back office for processing. Learn how EncryptScan developed a custom integration for APPS which lead to a 98% reduction in document processing time.

Screen shot 2021 08 20 at 12.53.35 pm Screen shot 2021 08 20 at 12.53.35 pm

How TriVista Rehab eliminated faxing to deliver documents in real-time with EncryptScan

Like many rehabilitation providers, TriVista Rehab was faxing documents from their multiple field offices. Faxing has long been the standard means of securely communicating documents in healthcare, but more times than not it is fraught with disruptions.

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