Is CamScanner Safe and HIPAA Compliant?

CamScanner is not considered a safe application because they have had previous security incidents. They are also not HIPAA-compliant because they will not sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a requirement under HIPAA regulations. CamScanner does not encrypt your documents, leaving them susceptible to being breached.

Originally released in 2011 by a Chinese mobile development company, CamScanner is a mobile document scanning app that lets you quickly scan paper work from your mobile device. At first glance, it seems like a good solution to scan & digitize your documents quickly. However, if you are using it to scan documents containing sensitive information or patient data you are at risk of a costly data breach.

CamScanner and similar free document scanning apps could end up costing you thousands in HIPAA-violation fees and even permanently damage your business reputation from the result of a data breach.

Why CamScanner is not secure.


Hidden Malware

One of the main reasons CamScanner is not safe is because they have had hidden malware in the past. This malware was capable of accessing malicious files in the background without the user knowing.

Not HIPAA Compliant

CamScanner is not HIPAA compliant because they will not sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your business, which is a requirement under the HIPAA regulations. They also do not encrypt your documents leaving them susceptible to a breach.

Security Holes

After a thorough security assessment, five high-risk components were found in CamScanner. One of these high-risk components would even allow third-party websites to access your CamScanner files without you knowing it.

Forbidden by US Government

On January 5th, 2021 an executive order was signed forbidding transactions with CamScanner citing concerns that CamScanner can access sensitive personally identifiable information and private information.

EncryptScan is a secure & HIPAA-compliant solution that protects your documents.

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  • Security

    • HIPAA-Compliant
    • Data encrypted at rest & in-transit
    • Biometric or PIN code authentication
    • No data stored locally on device
  • Scanning App

    • Scan paper documents, insurance cards, & more
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