Is CamScanner HIPAA Compliant?

At first glance, the free and widely used CamScanner app may seem like a plausible solution for scanning and digitizing the physical forms and documents that your business deals with daily. You might even already be using CamScanner or a similar free document scanning mobile app currently. These apps may be free, but they could end up costing you thousands in the long run and even risk permanently damaging your business and reputation by immensely increasing your chance of a PHI breach.

Why CamScanner isn't HIPAA Compliant.



CamScanner will not sign a BAA with your business. This one is a non-starter and an obvious indicator of non-HIPAA compliance. 

Hidden Malware

CamScanner was recently discovered to have hidden malware. This malware was capable of downloading malicious files in the background without the user knowing.

Security Holes

After a thorough security assessment, five high-risk components were found in CamScanner. One of these high-risk components would even allow third-party websites to access your CamScanner files without you knowing it.

It's not worth the risk.

Get the advanced scanning features of apps like CamScanner, without the risk. 

  • HIPAA Compliant

    We offer an industry standard BAA.

  • Mobile + Web

    Upload from your phone, view in your desktop browser.

  • Advanced Features

    Automatic edge detection, filters, cropping, and more.