How American Para Professional Systems saves 270,000 hours a year with EncryptScan

  • 49+ years in business
  • 100+ locations nationwide
  • 4,000+ paramedical examiners

American Para Professional Systems, otherwise known as APPS, is one of the largest providers of paramedical exam services in the United States with over 100 locations nationwide

For 49 years APPS has worked with the major insurance carriers to provide in-home paramedical exams for individuals applying for life insurance. Their dedication to the examination process provides their clients with the highest level of quality and service, ensuring they remain an industry leader.

  • 270k hours

    saved yearly

  • 98% decrease

    in document processing time

  • 40% increase

    in hiring

The Challenge

APPS was struggling to get the paramedical exam documentation from the field to the office in a secure and real-time way. 

“One of the biggest challenges we had was our examiners were faxing documents, which was a very cumbersome process”, says Gavin Hunter, IT Manager at APPS.

Gavin continues by saying “A big area of concern was also around the security of the data, which contains protected information”. The faxing process meant documents were left exposed, which was a security issue and raised concerns with APPS.

“That was a huge risk to us as a company,” says Tim McCabe, Lead Developer and 24-year veteran of APPS. “It prompted the need to continually audit our examiners and all of their equipment, which wasn’t feasible.” 

“It was also a hiring nightmare”, notes Gavin, because using or owning a fax machine was a requirement when hiring new paramedical examiners. Jackie McCabe, who runs the New York City field office for APPS, adds “We would lose a lot of potential employees in the interview process because they didn’t want to deal with faxing.” 

As a result of faxing, examiners were also losing multiple hours a day because of fax-related issues and waiting for the documents to be received by the field office and then uploaded in APPS’ system. Jackie adds that this also caused issues in the field office; “Our office staff was spending several hours every day handling documents that came in from the examiners and making sure they were associated with the correct case.”

APPS needed a solution that was secure and HIPAA compliant, but also easy for their examiners to use in the field and customizable for their workflow.

The Solution

“We were looking for a solution for a long time”, says Gavin. “What stood out [about EncryptScan] was the ease of use and the collaboration we had with the EncryptScan team”.

EncryptScan allows the examiners at APPS to securely capture documents from their mobile device in a matter of seconds, and automatically link these documents to the case workflow within APPS in real-time. The encryption and security protocols of EncryptScan ensure data is secure, and because no data is stored locally on the device it is safe for examiners to use without having company-issued devices.

“We engaged other companies and they couldn’t customize a solution the way we wanted things. We needed something that could be customized to fit our workflow, not be forced to use their workflow” remarks Gavin.

“We gave EncryptScan our requirements and they were able to implement exactly what we needed, and very fast, which was a home run for us.”

As Tim McCabe, Lead Developer at APPS recalls, “We needed something that would fit into our workflow that was going to make our lives easier and not make more work for us. From start to finish, EncryptScan designed a solution that would fit into our existing system perfectly.

Thanks to the direct integration EncryptScan developed, documents go directly into APPS’ existing workflow and are automatically attached to the appropriate case. EncryptScan’s intuitive mobile application means examiners are spending less time fussing with a complicated interface and spending more time dedicated to providing quality service. “It’s within minutes”, says Tim, when referencing how long it takes to onboard and familiarize new examiners with EncryptScan.

The Result

Increased Security & Compliance

“Our number one goal was to be secure and HIPAA compliant, but also to get the documents from the field in real-time,” says Gavin.

EncryptScan has helped APPS realize this goal across their 100+ field offices. “It was a big one for us”, notes Gavin, “From a security perspective, EncryptScan has been a big home run when it comes to compliance”.

98% Reduction in Document Processing Time

When asked about the impacts EncryptScan has had in the field offices, Jackie says, “The time savings for my office staff is unbelievable. We used to have to pay overtime for employees that were so busy during the day managing the document intake process, and they are now able to allocate that time towards other tasks, without us having to pay overtime

What was once a process that would take several hours a day and involve multiple employees across each of APPS 100+ locations, is now done automatically in seconds thanks to EncryptScan. APPS has been able to realize a 98% reduction in document processing time as a result.

40% Increase in Hiring

With all the extra time saved in the field offices, APPS has been able to re-allocate this time towards hiring, while also being able to retain more candidates in the interview process by no longer requiring them to own or have access to a fax machine. 

“We’ve seen a 40% increase in hiring,” notes Jackie, going on to say “EncryptScan has been extremely beneficial in the hiring process, which increases our profitability because we now have more people in the field able to get more cases done”.

Reduction in Help Desk Tickets

When asked what has exceeded expectations since working with EncryptScan, Tim mentions:

“The lack of issues from the field offices and the number of help desk tickets around missing documents have dropped dramatically”. APPS’ Lead Developer goes on to say:

“It’s also freed up our [IT Department] time because it’s a reliable system and it’s less stressful because we know it’s reliable. We sometimes forget it’s working, it’s that good.”

270,000+ Hours Saved Yearly

With more than 4,000 examiners nationwide, APPS is saving an estimated 270,000 hours per year across their examiner workforce as a result of implementing EncryptScan.

"It's overall been a very successful partnership", says Gavin. "I would highly recommend EncryptScan to any other organization who's looking for a HIPAA-compliant scanning solution."

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