How TriVista Rehab eliminated faxing to deliver documents in real-time with EncryptScan

  • 20+ years in business
  • Headquartered in Mississippi
  • Multiple locations state-wide

TriVista's mission is to create a culture where everyone feels valued and works together toward the same vision of excellence to achieve the best outcome for every patient.

TriVista Rehab is a rehabilitation services company specializing in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology. For 20 years they have provided innovative treatment options that are rooted in a personalized care plan for each client. They believe that establishing trusting relationships with their patients starts with assembling a strong team of caring therapists. 

Today, TriVista Rehab has become a premier therapy provider that operates multiple clinics in addition to contracting with Skilled Nursing Facilities to provide therapists.

The Challenge

For the therapists at TriVista to realize their organization's goal of achieving the best outcome for every patient, crucial information such as patient care plans and insurance information needs to be sent from the field to their centralized office quickly and securely

Like many rehabilitation providers, TriVista Rehab was faxing documents from their multiple field offices. Faxing has long been the standard means of securely communicating documents in healthcare, but more times than not it is fraught with disruptions.

"We were having problems in our office because we were missing faxes, so I had therapists calling me and complaining that multiple times they were faxing documents and the office wasn't getting them." says Kathy Simpson, TriVista Rehab's Chief Operating Officer.

Each repeated issue meant the focus was no longer on realizing TriVista's goal of delivering the best outcome for every patient but instead on troubleshooting issues caused by antiquated faxing.

"We kept trying to figure out what's wrong with the fax machine, why is this not working, and I thought... there has to be a better, faster way that's secure and HIPAA-compliant", Simpson explains.

It was at this time that TriVista Rehab's Chief Operating Officer began to look for a solution that was not only secure and HIPAA-compliant, but also easy for their staff to use.

The Solution

After researching and evaluating other tools like Adobe Scan, it was clear to Simpson that EncryptScan stood out as the front runner.

EncryptScan allows the therapists at TriVista to scan and send patient documents and insurance information to the centralized office in a matter of seconds, while being HIPAA-compliant.

"It was the ease of use with EncryptScan" says Simpson, but also the ability for therapists to use their mobile devices because nothing is stored locally and all the documents are encrypted. 

"The implementation process went extremely well", Simpson adds, explaining that "Usually when we implement a new IT process there is a lot of grumbling and complaints from our staff, but it was very easy for them to use EncryptScan". 

"Within 2 weeks, our entire team was successfully using EncryptScan. It's all been positive feedback [from the team] and it's made everyone more efficient."

No more faxing

Since implementing EncryptScan, TriVista Rehab has been able to 100% eliminate faxing for their field staff. Now, instead of having to deal with common fax errors like missing pages and connection issues, the therapists at TriVista Rehab can re-focus this energy to achieving the best outcome for every patient

A standardized process

Because all documents uploaded from the field are immediately accessible in the cloud-based EncryptScan dashboard, the back office team at TriVista has real-time access to link these documents to the patient's chart. Simpson explains "It's a one-stop-shop for our office team", and with EncryptScan's document status feature it makes it easy for them to know what to do with these documents.

Peace of mind

EncryptScan's government-grade encryption, 21st-century security protocols, BAA, and Cyber Liability Insurance gives Simpson peace of mind in a breach-prone world.

In less than 2 weeks, TriVista Rehab was able to go from slow and cumbersome faxing to a secure, real-time process that now saves countless hours. As a result, their goal of achieving the best outcome for every patient is now that much closer.

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